Monday, November 20, 2006


Dont that just tick you off!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Computer Geek

I'm far from being a computer geek,shoot, I don't know anything about them accept "my space" and "copy & paste."Our computer crashed three times in one day,stayed down for about 5 days.My fiance fixed it.So I asked him what kind of pc stuff should I apply to this blog that might help other people,he said hardware and software. I said what's that? Then I put together some thing's we thought might be a little helpful.I know I certaintly need it!I found all sort's of goodie's for you,I hope there useful.

Well,I've decided to tell you about an experiance I just had while trying to update my blogs.After about 4 hrs of typing and copying and pasteing.My computer slowed down in an instant,just froze on me.My fiance said it might be because MSN sucks! Do any of you out there have trouble with MSN?Anyway after about 15 min. it finally started to work right again.
I would also like to know what everyone thinks of the video I added to this blog.I think the guys pretty dumb to pay that much money for something just to break it,I guess the bottom line is ,I dont get the point.What does he care or any of us care what we spend our hard earned money on. I dont think smashing electronics helps anyone,period.But that's just me.Leave me a comment on how you feel about it or what you think that young man was trying to prove.


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I'm forever having problems with my computer,and I never know what to do when I want to create something or add something.I'm always looking for new things to make my computer better or easier to use.I've listed some helpful links here for anyone who's having these same problems.I hope they help!

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